Ben Dawkins


Ben isn’t your typical crypto writer. A proud business grad passionate about financial technology, Ben embarked on a writing journey five years ago, propelled by a love for blockchain, DeFi, and a good cup of coffee.

Trading textbooks for tech blogs, he began breaking down complex blockchain subjects with finesse and a dash of humor, making the world of cryptocurrencies and synthetic assets less daunting for readers.

His knack for turning jargon-filled topics into enjoyable reads didn’t go unnoticed. Today, his insightful articles are a beacon in the often foggy landscape of DeFi, appreciated by beginners and experts alike.

When he’s not on a writing spree, you’ll find Ben refreshing his knowledge with online courses or planning his next big article – preferably while hiking in the beautiful British Columbia trails.

Future-wise, Ben dreams big. He’s eyeing further exploration into DeFi trends and regulations, determined to keep readers up-to-date in this fast-paced field. Currently, he’s pursuing an online certification in blockchain technology to sharpen his understanding even more.

Ben is a unique blend of financial savvy, tech enthusiasm, and writing prowess. He’s a lifelong learner on a mission to make crypto understandable, one word at a time.