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Tamzid Ahmed

A Blockchain specialist and SEO expert, crafting a digital impact. With over 800 blogs and collaborations with 100+ global clients, Tamzid continues to educate and inspire audiences worldwide on Blockchain and DeFi topics.

What is Consensus Mechanism in Blockchain?

Consensus Mechanism

Blockchain’s status as a shared, decentralized database is cemented by its security features. Its security is kept airtight with something called a consensus mechanism.Unlike cash money, which is tangible, cryptocurrency’s intangible nature leaves loopholes for double spending if not used…

Blockchain Technology 101 – A Definitive Guide

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is fundamentally transforming how we approach data security, trust, and transparency in the digital world. It’s an ingenious invention that allows information to be distributed across a network securely without being copied or altered, giving you a new…

What is Crypto Security? – A Complete Guide

What Is Crypto Security

Cryptocurrencies, or “cryptos,” are gaining widespread acceptance and seem like they’re here to stay as a long-term currency option. Although we won’t see a global shift to cryptos overnight, it’s widely believed that it’s just a matter of time –…

BLOCKLORDS Drops Epic Cinematic Trailer


When GTA 3 first hit the scene it changed the gaming landscape forever. It was the first 3D open-world game where players could go wherever they wanted. Fast forward 20 years, and MMO titles have given open-world gaming an entirely…

What is a Bitcoin Extractor – A Complete Guide!

What Is A Bitcoin Extractor

Disclaimer: This is not intended as investment advice in any form. Bitcoin mining is the process of generating new bitcoins. This is accomplished by solving complex mathematical equations that confirm cryptocurrency transactions. When a miner successfully mines bitcoin, he or…