How Planet IX Became Polygon’s Hottest P2E Project

Want to resurrect a fallen digital planet, all while helping develop Web3’s largest NFT-based strategy game? If so, then Planet IX is your next obsession begging to happen.  

Developed by Nibiru Software, Planet IX recently exploded onto the radar as Polygon’s largest play-to-earn (P2E) game. Though still in its initial phases, the game has all the making of a blockchain classic begging to happen.  

What is Planet IX? 

Imagine that the Metaverse, NFTs, and Sci-Fi all walk into a bar. There, over beer and questionable whiskey, they begin an epic discussion about what would happen if they combined their powers.  

As things progress, they recruit their pals from DeFi and P2E strategy gaming worlds. Then, somewhere in a haze of alcohol-induced brilliance, the concept of Planet IX is born.  

Okay, this may not have been precisely how it happened. But you get the picture.

Planet IX combined all the coolest features of blockchain technology to create an epic game on the Polygon blockchain. The game is set on (you guessed it) Planet IX, a mythical planet based on a digital roadmap of our own world.

Unfortunately, Planet IX has seen better days.  

Things have gone terribly wrong in a post-apocalyptic kind of way. The planet’s former grassy plains have descended into polluted chaos.  

Who will restore it to its former glory? That’s where you come in.  

Answer the Agent of Change Challenge 

The game invites you to help bring sexy back to Planet IX by signing on as an Agent of Change. What does this entail exactly?  

To play, you’ll need to connect a digital wallet like Metamask or Coinbase. Fear not if you haven’t gotten around to figuring out how to create one yet, because the game’s site has a solid tutorial section.  

You’ll then be presented with a virtual map of the planet covered in little dots called PIX. Each PIX is actually a unique NFT.  

All you have to do to start playing is begin collecting these PIX using the game’s native ITX token. Ideally, you’ll want to collect PIX next to each other to expand your digital empire by combining them into NFT territories.  

But it’s also important to note that not all territories are created equal. Territories come in different sizes, like sectors, domains, and zones.

Each also comes with a rarity ranking, from common up to legendary. As you likely guessed, the idea is to play your way into as much prime real estate as possible.  

There are also landmarks, which also have rarities all their own. Some landmarks are available for ownership in the form of thousands of different shares, while others only have one. 

Why do you want them? Because landmarks are like mobsters, they collect fees from all the trades made in their areas.  

By owning a share in the landmark, you’ll basically be able to charge other players for the pleasure of your company. At the moment, landmarks are introduced via drops or won in raffles.  

What Do You Do With Your Territories?  

There are a couple of options. First, you can go all Monopoly and trade your territories with other users in the Marketplace. Or you can do a little staking to up your IXT balance.  

In fact, Planet IX lets users stake everything from ITX to in-game territories. For example, you can join community staking pools to earn a cut of rewards.  

By staking your land, you’ll start earning rewards like technologies or facilities you can use to upgrade your territory’s level. Herein lies the key to the game’s P2E and PVP aspects.  

Remember that Planet IX is still incredibly new and plans to launch plenty of new features. One of them will be the ability to raid other players.  

Planet IX is on the verge of releasing a new Mission Control feature, which will be incorporated into each player’s dashboard. You’ll be able to stake your assets, at which point you’ll begin creating something called Waste.   

Apparently, at the moment, Waste is a good thing. So, in the true spirit of PVP gaming, you’ll be able to loot it from unsuspecting opponents.  

Your Mission Control board will be able to help you come up with a list of prospective chumps to put into your crosshairs. The success or failure of your raid will depend on how well you stack up in a mini-game that will launch along with your efforts.  

But beware. Because your victim will also have a 6-hour window to compete against you in the same game.  

If they beat your score, your plans will go down in a flaming blaze of failure.  

Get In At the Ground Floor

Overall, Planet IX seems to have a lot going for it. Not only has it created a fun way to learn about DeFi, but it’s also disrupting the traditional game space in all the ways everyone hoped Web3 gaming would.  

Unlike traditional video games, Planet IX shares ownership with its players. As a result, taking the time to perfect your in-game prowess can reward you with more than just the thrill of victory.  

Earn everything from real-world money to voting rights that entitle you to actively help shape the game’s future. While no one knows what the future will hold, getting in on Planet IX’s ground floor might be a lucrative move.  



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