TradeStrike: A Web3 Company On The Rise

TradeStrike, the new company of London-based start-up StrikeX, is gearing up to make some seriously innovative moves. As StrikeX explains, the two companies are approaching their partnership through a “parent & child” style setup.  

The StrikeX arm focuses exclusively on the development of cutting-edge Web 3.0 software and solutions. Meanwhile, TradeStrike is all about putting these innovations into action.  

TradeStrike’s foundations and future offerings 

The fintech fam’s foundations have already been laid in the form of its native StrikeX (STRX) token. Designed for unlimited scalability and utility cases, the token itself has already proven to be an impressive achievement.  

That’s part of why investors around the world are eagerly awaiting the release of TradeStrike’s other upcoming offerings. The first is a cool new DeFi wallet, complete with cross-chain crypto capabilities.  

But TradeStrike also has a trading platform in the works that may just turn the world of investing on its head forever.  

How will the TradeStrike platform be any different? 

Imagine being able to trade anything from crypto and NFTs to stocks and real estate, all in one place, 24/7. TradeStrike is about to bring all the perks of crypto trading to a number of other investments. 

Take the stock market, for instance, which has always come with its own set of limitations. One of the more obvious is that markets around the world only operate during a specific time each day.

Another is that geographical limitations often come into play when it comes to investing in foreign markets. TradeStrike’s new platform promises to crush these boundaries once and for all. How? 

With a little something called stock tokenization.  

TradeStrike’s plan is to mint digital replicas of publicly traded equities, each fully backed by the actual stocks they represent. By turning stocks into tokens, the platform will be able to make them available for blockchain-based trading at any time. 

Want to take advantage of a major company news release? No longer will it be necessary to set your alarm clock to F-you a.m. to get it on the pre-market trading action.  

Looking to invest in foreign markets? TradeStrike will eliminate the need to spend hours Googling how to sign up for a Chinese brokerage account.  

Stock tokenization also brings several other blockchain benefits to the table.  Among them are the virtually limitless opportunities of fractional ownership. 

While fractional stock shares are already available through a number of brokers, they still tend to be restricted to certain companies. But the possibilities of fractional ownership don’t end there.

Say you’ve always wanted to invest in real estate but don’t have enough money lying around to go out and buy a property. TradeStrike’s vision is to lower entry barriers by giving you the option to buy 1/100th of a property instead.  

Let’s talk liquidity 

TradeStrike plans to incorporate yet another feature of decentralized exchanges in the form of AMMs or automated market makers. In case you’re unfamiliar, AMMs use liquidity pools to automate the liquidity process while removing the need for intermediaries.  

In essence, you’ll be able to trade what you want, when you want, using the lightning-fast power of the blockchain. The whole set-up also cuts down on admin fees, which translates into cheaper transactions.  

TradeStrike has yet to release exactly how much it will cost to sign up for the platform, but they have announced that a number of different tiers will be available.  

If you only trade every now and then, the “pay as you go” option may be for you. If you’re an active trader, however, then it may make more sense to go with the highest (gold) tier.  

Trading 3.0 

It’s easy to see why blockchain technology has already attracted so many fans – it’s transparent, secure, and always accessible. As companies like TradeStrike are proving, it’s also full of unlimited real-world potential. 

The biggest question for many US-based investors is whether the platform will be available in the states. While some platforms already offer stock tokens, very few are available to US traders.  

We reached out to StrikeX’s Sam Taylor, who assured us that the goal was to enable the TradeStrike platform for use in as many countries as possible. At the end of the day, however, whether Americans will soon be able to enjoy stock token trading will depend on the SEC licenses of relevant partners.  

Join in on the action with TradeStrike when their wallet releases in September 2022.  



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