Venly Makes It Possible to Sell NFTs On Shopify

Have you always flirted with the idea of buying or selling NFTs? If so, a blockchain start-up called Venly has made the process much easier.  

Venly is a blockchain-agnostic platform, which means it’s compatible with various blockchains, including layer 2 solutions. If that last sentence meant absolutely nothing to you, don’t worry about it. Venly’s use case is to simplify blockchain technology for developers and users.  

One of their latest projects is a new app that gives users a handy way to sell NFTs from their Shopify store.  

Remind Me, What Is Shopify?  

In case you’re unfamiliar, Shopify is a huge e-commerce platform where users can create and manage their online stores. Millions of users worldwide have already begun using it to build or grow businesses of all shapes and sizes.  

When you sign up as a Shopify seller, you can sell anything from physical goods and gadgets to memberships and event tickets. If you already have a Shopify Plus account of your own, then it just got a lot easier to integrate NFTs into your offerings.  

From creation and minting to sales, Venly has you covered when it comes to selling NFTs right from your Shopify account. Venly recently announced the launch of their new Venly x Shopify App, which works with Polygon and Avalanche. Let’s look at how it brings the magic of NFTs to Shopify.   

Adding NFTs to Your Shopify Inventory 

Say you already have a thriving Shopify storefront that you’ve used to make your fortune selling hand-knit sweaters for dogs. At this point, you’re already well aware of how lucrative humanity’s love of dogs in people’s clothing can be.  

Your sales flow is currently limited by only two unfortunate facts: 

  1. Not everyone owns a dog 
  2. Not every dog is down to masquerade in a tiny wool-knit 

Then suddenly, you come across a brilliant idea. Why not sell NFTs of mind-blowingly adorable pooches rocking your latest threads? Sounds great! But how do you get started?  

Intro The Venly NFT Seller Solution 

Venly is your one-stop shop for turning your doggo pics (or even art) into NFTs right through a convenient, user-friendly interface. So not only will you be able to turn “Fluffy in Hand-Knit Cashmere” into a digital masterpiece, but you’ll also be able to display it as a product in your Shopify store.  

The best part is that you don’t even have to worry about minting. When a buyer steps forward to declare themselves powerless over Fluffy’s charms, Venly will automatically mint the piece upon purchase.  

Meanwhile, you’ll be able to use Shopify to trace your inventory and distribution. The app also lets you choose your maximum number of copies for each piece and earn up to 10% in secondary sales royalties on the Vently NFT market. 

But having successfully overcome your first two issues, you’ll now face a new one. While pretty much everyone ever loves dogs in sweaters, not everybody has yet to master the technology of NFTs.  

Fear not, for as it turns out, Venly has also found a clever solution to this issue.  

Venly Puts the Ease into NFTs 

While the NFT craze made collectors out of plenty of people, joining the craze has traditionally required a bit of research. From creating and setting up a Metamask wallet to figuring out how crypto values convert to cash, not everyone had the time or patience to figure it out.  

Venly’s Shopify app has made it far easier for anyone to be an NFT collector. When you display NFTs in your Shopify store, their prices will be listed in the same currency as any other product. So rather than pricing an NFT as 0.00074, for instance, you’ll be able to ask for $100.  

Your buyer can then add the NFT to their cart and checkout without worrying about connecting to a crypto wallet. So how will they get their product? If a customer buys an NFT for the first time, the app will create a Venly wallet. They’ll then get an email with the link to their wallet, where they’ll find their NFT securely stored.  

Venly’s Perks 

Sound super simple? It is, which is what Venly is all about. As Venly Co-Founder and CEO Tim Dierckxsens put it, “As Web3 gains recognition and credibility the world over, Venly is well-placed to make Web3 accessible to existing businesses regardless of their technical expertise.”   

The simplified approach allows people with no prior blockchain experience to instantly start buying NFTs right from a familiar platform. This creates a win-win situation for new buyers and sellers alike.  

Venly also works with several other apps, such as The Sandbox,  Lootex, MetaverseME, and more. So if you’re a Shopify buyer or seller looking to cash in on the rise of Web 3.0, then you will want to explore Venly.  

After all, technological confusion is still one of Web 3.0’s biggest barriers to entry. So it only makes sense that a platform like Venly would cash in on the concept of selling simplification. 





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