Ben Dawkins

Ben Dawkins

Ben Dawkins blends financial acumen and writing prowess to demystify DeFi and blockchain for his readers. Recognized for making complex topics accessible, Ben is a lifelong learner studying blockchain technology. With his words and a fresh cup of coffee, he transforms the intricate world of DeFi, while enjoying every step of the journey.

What is Polygon (MATIC)?

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Few would argue that Ethereum is right up there with Bitcoin as one of the world’s leading blockchains. When Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009, it was all about creating a new form of decentralized digital currency. But it didn’t…

The Biggest web3 Companies

Top3 Web3 Companies

While Gavin Wood presented the idea of Web3 in 2014, the concept only became mainstream in 2021 with the expansion of NFT and crypto markets. Its customer-centric approach led to the large-scale integration of Web3 dAPP (decentralized application) in giant…

 A Web3 Company That Sells Trust

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These days, plenty of new crypto and Web3 startups are cropping up online. And why not?   Blockchain technology has been game-changing AF.   Naturally, keyboard Jedis everywhere would seek to cash in on a whole new world of online possibilities.  …

TradeStrike: A Web3 Company On The Rise

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TradeStrike, the new company of London-based start-up StrikeX, is gearing up to make some seriously innovative moves. As StrikeX explains, the two companies are approaching their partnership through a “parent & child” style setup.   The StrikeX arm focuses exclusively on the development…