Ben Dawkins

Ben Dawkins

Ben Dawkins blends financial acumen and writing prowess to demystify DeFi and blockchain for his readers. Recognized for making complex topics accessible, Ben is a lifelong learner studying blockchain technology. With his words and a fresh cup of coffee, he transforms the intricate world of DeFi, while enjoying every step of the journey.

How To DYOR In Crypto in 2023

How To Do Your Own Research

As we settle into the New Year, many hope 2023 will usher in a clean slate for crypto. Because let’s face it, 2022 brought its fair share of shitshows and drug-addled defrauders.   It’s time to move forward. But if…

What’s In Store For Crypto In 2023?

Crypto 2023

2022 has been one of those years that crypto will look back on about as fondly as the rest of us do for 2020. Between rising inflation rates and the meltdowns of major exchanges like FTX and Terra, the cryptocurrency…

Introduction to Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Intro To Defi

The blockchain world has developed lingo all its all. As a result, it’s not uncommon for newcomers to feel completely overwhelmed when they’re first hit with terms like DeFi, layer 2 solutions, and blockchain protocols.   Seriously. It’s enough to…

Venly Makes It Possible to Sell NFTs On Shopify

Venly Press Wallet

Have you always flirted with the idea of buying or selling NFTs? If so, a blockchain start-up called Venly has made the process much easier.   Venly is a blockchain-agnostic platform, which means it’s compatible with various blockchains, including layer…