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Dimitra Blockchain – Impact on Farmers and Agricultural Sustainability

Blockchain technology has been making waves across various industries. In the past decade, different Blockchain technologies have revolutionized the way we conduct agricultural farming, manage data, and ensure transparency. One such groundbreaking blockchain initiative is Dimitra Blockchain, a transformative force in the agricultural industry.

Dimitra Blockchain aims to uplift the lives of small farmers across the globe with proper pricing, market finding, and investment. Dimitra has already stretched its hand in Kenya and East Africa to help farmers sell their 10 million avocados in America with higher pricing.

Dimitra blockchain uses IoT, AI, and machine learning for different applications. And with continuous advancement, security development, and technology implementation, Dimitra blockchain remains at the forefront of innovation and reliability in the world of decentralized systems.

Let’s find out more about it!

What Is Dimitra Blockchain?

Dimitra is a blockchain-based system that integrates several cutting-edge technologies. It includes the following:

  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI),
  • Machine learning,
  • Satellite Technology

Dimitra uses all these to allow farmers to know about the climate, assess the risks, reduce production costs, and yield production. So, farmers can better support and price their products to lead a better life.

The primary objective of Dimitra is to democratize access to advanced farming technologies. It ensures that farmers worldwide can benefit from data-driven insights and tools to enhance their agricultural practices regardless of their economic status.

Also, as part of their business module, Dimitra has introduced their blockchain and currency known as DMTR. Dimitra’s business follows a sustainable and farmer-friendly platform, so its blockchain currency pricing is increasing daily.

Five Key Applications of Dimitra

Dimitra is focused on improving the lifestyle of smaller farmers who often need more proper pricing and markets. It connects farmers with a unique but global platform, livestock Guru platform, etc.

dimitra blockchain
Image Source: https://dimitra.io/

1. Connected Farmer Platform

The Connected Farmer APP serves as the cornerstone of Dimitra’s offerings. It is designed to empower farmers with real-time data and analysis, enabling them to make informed decisions about their crops. It continuously collects data through IoT sensors, satellite imagery, and on-the-ground inputs from farmers.

As a result, dimitra is able to provide farmers with a holistic view of their farm’s performance. The information is accessible via a user-friendly mobile application letting farmers vital insights on the ground report for better production.

The farmer’s app has the following key features:

  • Web & Mobile – Android, IoS
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Multi-Language support

Dimitra’s goal is to use the farmer-connected platform to ensure better yield. It is already working with East African and Kenyan avocado farmers. Dimitra announced that they aim to increase avocado production by 10% in the next 3 years. It’s crucial since a 1-acre avocado can mitigate almost 2.6 tons of Carbon dioxide from the environment.

2. Dimitra Livestock Guru Platform 

The livestock platform extends Dimitra’s capabilities to livestock management. Through IoT technology, farmers can monitor their livestock’s health, feeding, and breeding. 

Therefore, they can optimize their livestock management practices for better yields.

It has a “My Livestock” app that helps farmers know about the pH and temperature shifts. So, their livestock will be in better condition always through sensor monitoring.

3. Advanced Farmer Modules

Besides the basic farmer app, Dimitra also has the Connected Farmer platform. The advanced version incorporates satellite imagery, drone data, the basic IoT, and AI. The enhanced capability offers precise monitoring of crop conditions and pest threats.

It will ultimately lead to better decision-making. Also, the advanced modules have the following facilities for farmers:

  • Sensor Management
  • Genetics Module
  • Satellite & Weather
  • Knowledge Garden
  • Online Agricultural Marketplace
  • Track, Trace & Export Documents
  • Deforestation Module
  • Agricultural Counterfeiting
  • Bank Loan & Insurance Application
  • Government Service Desk
  • Anti-Cattle Rustling

With all these modules, Dimitra has revolutionized the farmer’s life. It is also building a blockchain and online currency platform for better sustainability.

4. Dimitra Connected Coffee

Dimitra also supports coffee farmers. It provides coffee farmers with data-driven insights to optimize crop yield and the quality of the coffee. It further connects the small-scale coffee farmers to the larger cooperatives and global traders.

It leverages the same technology stack. So, coffee growers can benefit from real-time information and recommendations.

5. Dimitra Deforestation Platform

Dimitra also has recognized the environmental challenges in agriculture. , it has introduced the Deforestation program to promote environmental sustainability.

Dimitra’s Deforestation Platform utilizes blockchain to monitor and combat deforestation. It promotes sustainable land-use practices for this purpose. The platform contributes to both environmental conservation and the long-term viability of farming.

Top Technology and Features Dimitra Uses to Democratize Farmer’s Market

Dimitra’s success in democratizing the farmer’s market and freeing small farmers from the vicious poverty cycle is unimaginable. It is largely attributed to the advanced technology stack Dimitra uses.

IoT Technology

Dimitra leverages IoT technology extensively to provide real-time data on crop production. It mostly includes:

  • Remote sensing
  • Yield monitoring, and
  • Field mapping

It continuously collects data on moisture, soil conditions, and pest threats. And then, Dimitra transfers the data to the farmers through their Android or IoS apps and websites. So, farmers can respond quickly to potential issues, reducing reaction time and improving decision-making.

This is an excellent opportunity for farmers. For instance, if you are a farmer and growing mazes, you can use the “Dimitra Farmer Connected App” to learn about the climate in your region. Also, you can assess the pricing of mazes in different localities to know where you can sell your maze to maximize the profit. 

Also, through yield monitoring and field mapping, you can plan your maze production better. All these will be highly useful for farmers in real life. 

Data Reporting

Data reporting is another excellent component of its committed offering. The technology stack collects data through various sources, including IoT sensors, satellite imagery, drone imagery, and farmer inputs. Also, Dimitra continuously analyzes the data through their AI technology to find proper climate change, production yield, and possible pricing.

AI and machine learning remove the complexity of data analytics. It enables automated analysis and recommendations within a quick time. So, the data-driven approach ensures that farmers might have access to valuable insights without any technical skill. Instead, they can focus on their farming more.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain plays a pivotal role in Dimitra’s mission. It provides transparency among all stakeholders for their transaction to maximize their profit without deceiving farmers.

It further ensures that data is reliable and tamper-proof. More importantly, it promotes peer learning through valuable insights on the blockchain. For instance, a farmer in one region may discover effective risk mitigation strategies.

Through the blockchain, the farmer can share this knowledge with farmers worldwide. It promotes innovation and best farming practices.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Dimitra’s Connected Farmer application provides accessibility and inclusivity for farmers. It is available in 18 languages, including English, Arabic, Spanish, Bengali, Hindi, etc. So, it is easily accessible to farmers regardless of their native language or economic status.

Furthermore, the platform is cost-effective to set up and use. No doubt, it aligns with Dimitra’s commitment to making farming technology accessible to all.

Dimitra Blockchain Addressing Avocado Issue in Kenya and East Africa

In East Africa and Kenya, avocado farmers face a significant challenge related to traceability. It impacts their access to international markets. Most avocado farmers previously got lower prices for their avocados in the local market. In the local Kenyan market, farmers sold 1-avocado at 3.5 Kenyan shilllings which was almost 1 ⁄ 2 the price of exported avocados. 

Five big players including Kakuzi, Kenya Horticultural Exporters, Sunrise, East African Growers, and Vegpro, control avocado production and market in Kenya. They controlled the small farmers too. It reduced the scope for farmers to export avocado directly at a higher price. 

Dimitra addressed this issue of lack of resources for local avocado growers to export their products. So, Dimitra is helping Kenyan farmers to export their avocados at a higher price. Now, through export, Kenyan avocado farmers fetch 6-kenyan shilling ($0.06) which is almost double the price they were getting previously. 

It offers a practical and sustainable solution to this pricing problem through blockchain-enabled supply chain traceability. It provides real-time, tamper-proof information about each avocado’s journey from the farm to the consumer’s table.

The heightened transparency instills confidence in consumers. They can verify:

  • Authenticity
  • Quality
  • Sustainability credentials.

Moreover, it enhances food safety. It does so through the detection and mitigation of production and environmental risks. As part of a strategic partnership with One Million Avocados (OMA), Dimitra’s tech ensures traceability and compliance when a farmer signs up.

Also, they generate Data throughout the entire value-added process. They then store all required data transparently on the blockchain, aligning with international regulatory frameworks.

The partnership with OMA brings several significant benefits:

 Increased Revenue: Oma and Dimitra bring extensive export documentation and quality management. So, farmers can expect increased revenue per avocado.

Increased Yield: It promotes modern farming practices through better, detailed soil and satellite reports. Hence, it can lead to higher avocado yields.

 Reduction of Risk: Dimitra’s Connected Farmer platform offers pest and disease management solutions, prevention, and early detection. Hence, it reduces the number of avocados lost to such issues.

Increased Capital: The NFT buy-a-tree program provides additional avocado trees to farmers. Hence, it allows farm expansion for the smaller farmers.

ESG Transparency: Dimitra’s technology measures carbon emissions and deforestation. Thus, it will promote sustainability.

Expanded Marketplace: OMA can market avocados to higher-price jurisdictions. It will increase per-shipment revenue for the farmers.

DMTR Fluctuation 

DMTR is the official currency of Dimitra Blockchain and it is still pretty new in the market. So, it is volatile. Thus, the pricing of DMTR as a cryptocurrency is fluctuating, and as a user of the blockchain, you must be aware of it.

Image Source: Coin Gecko

What Are The Advantages of Dimitra Blockchain?

Dimitra blockchain stands out from other conventional blockchain platforms in its goal and target audience. Where most blockchain markets aim to sell their NFTs, cryptocurrency, and digital assets, Dimitra focuses on developing the lives of small farmers.


Dimitra’s blockchain technology ensures transparency throughout the agricultural supply chain. It will benefit consumers, stakeholders, and farmers. Transparency builds trust and confidence in the quality and authenticity of agricultural products.

Also, the blockchain ensures that farmers worldwide receive the same information and implement the technology for better production.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Dimitra uses an advanced technology stack. So, it empowers farmers with data-driven insights. With the help of AI and machine learning, it collects and analyzes data on different sectors:

  • Climate and temperature change
  • Crop conditions, pest threats
  • Soil condition and more

So, farmers can make informed decisions to optimize their yields and reduce risks.


Dimitra is highly committed to offering sustainable development to farmers and their clients. This is evident through its efforts to combat deforestation. Furthermore, it promotes sustainable land-use practices through its deforestation project.

Also, Dimitra has integrated blockchain technology. And with it, along with different technologies and machine learning, it contributes to environmental conservation in agriculture.


The platform is available in 18 languages. Also, it has a cost-effective nature. All these ensure that regardless of language or economic status, farmers can access and benefit from its features.

This inclusivity aligns with Dimitra’s mission to democratize farming technology. It has already been implemented for avocado production and export in Kenya and East Africa.


Dimitra fosters innovation. As a result, it has removed data silos and facilitated peer learning. Farmers worldwide can share their insights and best practices transparently through the blockchain. It will drive innovation and sustainability in agriculture.

Issues With Dimitra Blockchain

Although Dimitra aims to bring a sustainable development program for the agricultural sector, they are far from being perfect. From a slow website to the volatile value of their currency, all can be challenging. 

No Real Base of their Token Money

Dimitra uses DMTR as their token money or currency. Sadly, it is based mostly on speculation instead of real assets. The value of DMTR is based on the land price, grain, and livestock market. And all these prices are changeable without any indication which makes DMTR exceedingly unstable. 

If the price of land or grain goes down, DMTR may price will go down too. Also, the token has no gold, government, or reliable backup. So, its worthiness is not proven. 

Incompetent Website

Dimitra’s website isn’t up to the mark either. It loads slower than you anticipate. Also, the website UI is a bit too simple and doesn’t look promising.

dimitra website
Dimitra Website: https://dimitra.io/

On top of it, the website shockingly fails in page speed assessment test.

As you see in the picture, it only scored 76 in overall performance and 77 in accessibility. Both scores were below par. The speed index sits at 3.2s which would be highly frustrating for visitors. It makes the website user experience unpleasant and even, confusing. 

Page speed insights report for Dimitra website

The result is even worse for mobile users. The overall performance score is only 33 (see image below), which is pretty alarming. Because authentic websites would always be equally well-optimized for both desktop and mobile users.

Page speed insights report for Dimitra website

Who Should Use Dimitra Blockchain and Why?

Dimitra Blockchain is a versatile solution. From the connected farmer app, livestock updates, and currency, it caters to different people.


Farmers of all scales, from smallholders to large commercial farms, should use Dimitra Blockchain. With it, they can quickly enhance their farming practices. It provides valuable insights, data-driven recommendations, and transparency.

Undoubtedly, all these data can significantly improve crop yields. It will further reduce risks and optimize resource utilization.

Agricultural Organizations

Agricultural organizations can benefit from Dimitra. It will help them promote sustainable farming practices and traceability in the supply chain. It will enhance the quality of agricultural products and build trust with consumers.

Governments and Consumers

Governments can leverage Dimitra, too. They can use the data and AI-based analytics to support their agricultural initiatives. It will further ensure food security, environmental sustainability, and economic development in the agricultural sector.

Consumers benefit from Dimitra’s transparency too. They can see reliable information about the origin and quality of agricultural products through the blockchain. It will promote food safety and ethical consumption.


Dimitra Blockchain stands as a pioneering force in the agricultural sector. Its mission is to empower farmers globally. Its applications, powered by cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology, Dimitra, address critical challenges in agriculture.

Dimitra democratizes farming technology through blockchain, IoT, AI, and machine learning. As a result, it is accessible to farmers of all backgrounds. Its impact on the avocado industry in East Africa also exemplifies its potential to revolutionize agriculture. It aims to improve avocado production by 10% in the next 3 years.

Henceforth, Dimitra continues to innovate and expand its reach. It promises a brighter future for global agriculture, where technology and sustainability go hand in hand. And definitely, it will benefit both farmers and consumers, not to mention our catastrophic environment too. 

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