Why Shrapnel Could Be The Call of Duty For Web3.0

The year is 2044 and all your dreams of a flowery utopian future have been effectively tanked by an asteroid that’s collided with the moon. Uh oh.  

As we all know, that kind of thing tends to have nasty consequences and Shrapnel, an upcoming AAA FPS game, plans to be all about them.  

In the Shrapnel universe, said asteroid has caused the Earth to develop Saturn-style rings that are far from a mere decorative accessory. Rather than just hanging there in space looking majestic, the rings constantly pelt down a stream of lunar meteorites onto a stretch of earth that’s become known as the “Sacrifice Zone.”

While the Sacrifice Zone has been largely abandoned for obvious reasons, there are still plenty of people willing to launch back into it. Why? Because it’s also home to fragments of the offending asteroid, which have collectively become known as “Shrapnel.”  

Back in the late 2030s, the Shrapnel seekers were mostly made up of a ballsy band of mercenary groups looking for a quick payout. But shit got real in 2040 when a bunch of scientists who were poking around with Shrapnel made a major discovery.  

A material that’s since been dubbed “Compound Sigma” can be refined from Shrapnel bits. As it turns out, this substance can basically turn quantum mechanics on its head.  

Those lucky enough to possess it can reverse the relationship between cause and effect, manipulate chance, and pull all kinds of other cool Doctor Strange-style shenanigans. Now, of course, everyone wants it.

To the surprise of no one, mass wars have broken out as everyone fights for their piece of the lunar pie.     

What makes Shrapnel different? 

Okay, so the storyline sounds cool, but how is Shrapnel really different from every other first-person shooter game ever? That’s where the real fun comes in.  

See, Shrapnel is not the kind of thing you’ll find on the shelf of your local GameStop. It’s more of a thoughtful way that Web3.0 plans to include FPS game fans in its plans to take over the universe.  

At this very moment, a team of BAFTA and Emmy award-winning video game veterans are all assembled Avengers-style in a quest to bring it to life.  

Among them, you’ll find award-winning artists, designers, and programmers that have worked on projects like HALO, Westworld, and Call of Duty. Even the guy who created John Wick is on board as a story consultant.

But high-adrenaline combat and sick graphics are just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg. The things that will really set Shrapnel apart have to do with all the ways that the developers plan to cash in on Web3.0’s unique possibilities.  

WTF is Web3.0 Tho?   

But let’s back up a minute. If you’re still wondering what the hell Web3.0 even is, then rest assured you’re not alone.    

At this point, most of us have heard enough about it to know it’s a big deal. But people who can actually explain it are still outnumbered by about a billion to one by those who can’t.    

In laymen’s terms, Web3.0 is pretty much a decentralized version of the internet as we know it. It aims to do for the web what crypto has done for traditional finance.    

By using blockchain technology, the idea of Web3.0 is to facilitate direct transactions between people, thus eliminating our dependence on giant organizations. If successful, the entire concept could go all French Revolution on big tech by effectively cutting out the middle man.    

So, what does this have to do with the fun of waging virtual war on unsuspecting VR chumps around the world? Quite a bit as it turns out.    

The Perks of the Blockchain 

As the world’s first blockchain-enabled AAA first-person shooter game, Shrapnel is going to offer all kinds of perks that other games just don’t.  

Rather than being owned by some huge video game company, Shrapnel will be collectively owned by its players. While you probably already enjoy other games, this is one you’ll actually be able to direct the future of and use to create your own in-game elements.   

Not only will you be able to create your own player-created content (PPC), but you’ll also be able to sell it. And not just for fake money or in-game tokens. Whether you come up with a sweet weapon skin, a custom map, or a random cosmetic item, you’ll be able to mint that bad boy and sell it as an NFT.   

The Bottom Line?  

Now any gamer anywhere will be able to entertain vague but insistent dreams of making an obscene amount of money without ever making a single YouTube video.  

Shrapnel promises to be a whole virtual ecosystem where you can be an assault operator, a survivalist, or just a guy who hangs out making real-world money selling maps.   

Whether you’re a player, a creator, or a little bit of both, you’ll be able to customize your own role in a worldwide virtual community. And if you’re clever enough, you may just be able to make a nice chunk of change in the process.  



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