Zebedee: How To Make Money with CS:GO

Once upon a time, there was a distant land known as the 1980s where crazy new contraptions called “video games” were all the rage. People would sit around for hours on end, maneuvering 2D characters through epic quests in pixelated worlds.

The most skilled players were rewarded with coveted in-game tokens which, shiny though they may have been, were not worth so much as their weight in bragging rights in the real world. 

Now fast forward to a not-so-distant future. Video games are still all the rage, but pixels have been replaced by Oscar-worthy graphics and technology that can connect players from all over the world.

And you know who plays for worthless in-game tokens? Chumps. For in this bold new world, video games are no longer just a pastime, but a solid way to make cold, hard Bitcoin.  

If such a future sounds bright to you indeed, then fasten your seatbelt because a company called Zebedee has come up with the technology to make it happen.  

What is Zebedee? 

Back in the day, Zebedee started out as a cryptocurrency wallet built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. In essence, that means that it offers instant transactions with little or no fees. Impressive. But not insanely unique, right? 

It turns out Zebedee felt the same way. That’s why they decided that while they were at it, they might as well go ahead and revolutionize the world of gaming.  

So, they went on to develop a way for developers to integrate real-time Bitcoin transactions right into their video games. But the Zebedee team still had a major problem.

Why develop brilliant new gaming technology if you don’t have a game to use it? 

At that point, they were faced with a few options. They could develop their own game to showcase their cool new BTC tech and spend years luring millions of converts around the world to play it.

Or they could find a way to integrate it into an existing game that already had a huge fanbase lying around. The answer was clear. 

Enter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 

For the uninitiated, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS:GO is one of the most popular first-person shooter games ever. Players from all over the globe come together in a virtual world to annihilate each other as they complete tactical objectives on various maps. 

Throughout the history of CS:GO, players who performed well have traditionally been rewarded with in-game currency that they could spend on things like additional weapons. But now Zebedee has found a way to up the odds by offering them rewards in the way of Bitcoin. 

As with any other situation, having money at stake tends to make things a lot more interesting and Zebedee’s Bitcoin-fueled gaming capabilities are no different. Suddenly, CS:GO becomes about a lot more than the fun of sending guys to meet their virtual maker,

How does it work?

The first ingredient you need to play CS:GO for Bitcoin is (you guessed it) CS:GO itself, which you can find on Steam. Assuming you’re already familiar with the game, let’s get into how to use Zebedee to monetize your in-game stealth. 

You’ll now need to download two additional items.

The first is a Zebedee wallet, which you can download from Google Play or the Apple store. As you install your wallet, you’ll create a “Gamertag,” which is similar to the @name you use on payment apps like Venmo. 

It will serve as your wallet ID and make it easy for other players or games to send you Bitcoin instantly via the joys of the BTC lighting network. You’ll also get a QR code, which makes for a handy way for streamers to give their fans an easy way to tip. 

Now you’ll need to download Zebedee Infuse and connect it to your account by logging in with your Steam credentials. At that point, Infuse will hook you up with available CS:GO servers you can join to battle it out with real world stakes.  

Let the Battle for Bitcoin Begin

When players enter a game, they all toss a little Bitcoin into a collective pool of prize money. From that point on, the rules are simple: play well and get a bigger share of the pool or play badly and watch your share dwindle. 

The cool thing is, you don’t have to wait until the end of the game for a final tally because you can cash out at any time. 

Even cooler, perhaps, is that Zebedee has wooed various crypto companies into agreeing to serve as gracious sponsors. What this means for you as a player is that the entrance fees on many of the servers are already covered. 

In other words, you can play for free, watch the Bitcoin pile up, and cash out your winnings with no cost to you.

Bottom line? Join the Zebedee revolution today and leave the in-game tokens to the chumps. 



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