BLOCKLORDS Drops Epic Cinematic Trailer

When GTA 3 first hit the scene it changed the gaming landscape forever. It was the first 3D open-world game where players could go wherever they wanted.

Fast forward 20 years, and MMO titles have given open-world gaming an entirely new definition. You can play with millions of online players and create your own player-specific content. Hell, you can even earn cold, hard cash playing games. 

But what if I told you that a game would allow you to earn cryptocurrency, own your own player generated content, and even sell it?

It sounds a little too good to be true. But BLOCKLORDS has made every single thing I mentioned possible.

If you’re following the game, you’ve probably seen the highly anticipated second trailer of BLOCKLORDS, ‘Slay the Bear.’ The trailer tells the story of a hunter who almost becomes hunted. 

If you haven’t seen the trailer, spoiler alert: it’s mind blowing!

The game has already generated quite a buzz among gamers. The first trailer, ‘Protect Your House,’ has already amassed 1 million+ views on YouTube.

If all this sounds interesting to you, then fasten your seat belt. We’re going on a deep dive into BLOCKLORDS, everything we know so far, and what this means for the world of cryptocurrency. Let’s get started.


BLOCKLORDS, set to launch in 2023, has already captured attention even before its release. It changes gaming by letting players own what they earn, giving them control over their progress and belongings.

The game is built on Immutable X and Polygon.

This upcoming medieval strategy MMO game from MetaKing Studios has drawn attention for its rich characters, epic battles, and captivating plot.

BLOCKLORDS stands out as a grand strategy game where players’ choices impact their characters, other players, and the medieval world they navigate.

As a multiplayer play-to-earn (P2E) game, BLOCKLORDS offers players the flexibility to play as they prefer.

It’s a multiplayer game where players have the freedom to decide how they want to play and earn rewards.

In this unique world, players shape the narrative, influencing the fate of their heroes based on their gaming skills.

BLOCKLORDS also provides opportunities for players to earn money. Players can pursue four main playstyles: gathering resources, battling as warriors or knights, constructing cities, or leading wars as kings or queens. Every hero has special qualities that can be improved, letting players create their own exciting stories.

The game’s appeal lies in the potential for players to enhance their in-game hero’s strength and desirability by effectively competing against others.

What Makes BLOCKLORDS Unique?

BLOCKLORDS stands out as the first AAA Web3 game using blockchain.

Playing as a character in this medieval setting, you’ll experience various styles of play, and your choices and skills affect the in-game economy.

You have total freedom within BLOCKLORDS to shape your world, progress, and earn rewards based on your decisions.

The game’s concept revolves around creating your own narrative.

As a medieval character, you decide how to govern your land, ultimately leaving a mark on the world’s history.

First Introduction to BLOCKLORDS

Back in 2019, an initial version of BLOCKLORDS was introduced, but it has undergone significant changes to become the current version in development.

The creators, David Johansson and Nicky Li, envisioned a world where players have full control over their in-game heroes and the ability to earn a living through gameplay.

BLOCKLORDS operates as a play-to-earn crypto game, turning the onboarding of new players into a gamified experience where they create heroes with chosen attributes.

First Sneak Peek at BLOCKLORDS

BLOCKLORDS introduces players to a medieval metaverse where they completely own their in-game assets.

The official BLOCKLORDS reveal first took place at the Game Developers Conference during the week of March 21–25, 2022.

There, attendees got a sneak peek into the gameplay. They also got the chance to immerse themselves in the BLOCKLORDS universe through an exclusive augmented reality (AR) experience.

In BLOCKLORDS, players can experience the benefits of blockchain technology as they take charge of their assets within the game.

This means that the in-game items, characters, and other virtual possessions are recorded on a blockchain. This provides players with true ownership and the ability to trade or sell these assets outside the game environment.

Augmented reality adds another layer of immersion to the game. This allows players to interact with the BLOCKLORDS universe in a tangible way.

This AR experience at the Game Developers Conference serves as a glimpse into the potential of combining blockchain gaming with cutting-edge technologies.

Gameplay of BLOCKLORDS

BLOCKLORDS brings together real-time battles, fantasy stories, and a detailed lineage system.

In the game, you own NFT Hero characters that can develop skills, trade, engage in battles, and even establish a bloodline through marriages and births.

Watch this video by Goatfather, if you want to see an in-depth look at the gameplay.

Getting started in BLOCKLORDS is free, offering an entry-level Hero character to players.

According to Johansson, the initial experience involves joining another lord’s banner, starting a farm, and gathering resources, providing a gradual entry into the game.

The first Hero mints are set to occur this summer on Immutable X, a carbon-neutral layer 2 blockchain for NFTs.

Johansson envisions a future where BLOCKLORDS operates on multiple blockchains.

After the NFT sale, BLOCKLORDS will have an early access launch with farming and city-building features, followed by the introduction of battle features. The full game is expected to be released in late 2023.

Developers of BLOCKLORDS

MetaKing Studios, founded by David Johansson and Nicky Li, introduced its inaugural game, BLOCKLORDS.

Because it incorporates elements from well-known Web3 games like Crusader Kings, Total Wars, and Age of Empires, the studio views this game as a breakthrough.

Web3, in simple terms, is a decentralized worldwide web that uses tokens and blockchain, eliminating the need for third-party websites.

Despite starting as a small, dedicated group, they’ve flourished in the blockchain gaming scene, growing to over 100 members across 8 countries.

Recognizing common issues in Web3 gaming—like asset distribution and token structures—they plan to leverage Seascape Network’s tech to power BLOCKLORDS, making it the pioneering blockchain game.

BLOCKLORDS Tokenomics And Monetization

Players in BLOCKLORDS will encounter decentralized finance (DeFi) through liquidity mining, marking an initial step.

Liquidity mining, part of the Seascape Network’s decentralized finance (DeFi), involves using game tokens to incentivize and reward users for making trades.

Players can swap their crypto assets for in-game tokens, and some of these tokens will be placed in a liquidity pool, giving contributors benefits such as earning trading fees.

Seascape sees liquidity mining as a way to make the BLOCKLORDS experience more game-like for players.

The integration of Web3 in the game’s monetization process allows players to retain ownership of their skills and assets while fully engaging in the gameplay.

In line with other games like Gods Unchained, MetaKing Studios has confirmed that their NFTs will be on the ImmutableX Ethereum chain.

BLOCKLORDS, however, will introduce unique token mechanics, including feeding and taxing. These additional mechanics will offer players more ways to earn beyond using the native in-game tokens.


In BLOCKLORDS, there are NFTs known as Heroes, each with unique stats from the beginning.

Players start by acquiring Heroes as farmers in the game.

As the game unfolds, players get opportunities to make choices, evolve their characters, and shape the paths of their heroes.

Every hero has distinct stats, randomly generated at creation if you don’t already own one.

You can evolve your heroes, determining their journey within the game.

Despite heroes having a lifespan, BLOCKLORDS introduces a system where a hero’s unique traits can be passed down through descendants.

Your heroes can have offspring, allowing you to establish your dynasty.

The Dynasty system in BLOCKLORDS enables the inheritance of traits, making the descendants your NFTs.

These descendants, with paths determined by you, continue the legacy of your favorite heroes, growing more powerful across generations.

How to Earn on BLOCKLORDS

BLOCKLORDS is designed for dedicated gamers seeking an immersive experience in a shared universe.

Playing BLOCKLORDS isn’t just for fun; you can actually make money while getting that adrenaline rush.

In the game, heroes aren’t just characters; they are economic assets. You earn by doing various activities like fighting bandits, winning battles, supporting allies, farming, and trading.

It’s a player-owned economy, meaning you get rewards no matter your in-game role.

If your hero shows great leadership and wins battles, their value increases, turning into immediate earning opportunities for you.

You can sell your BLOCKLORDS heroes on Immutable X, providing a platform for transactions.

In BLOCKLORDS, players can bring their heroes into the game, engage in battles to conquer territory, level up their heroes, and then sell them on the IMX marketplace.

These heroes, represented as tradable NFTs, are available for purchase on any Immutable X-supported marketplace.

So, by using your in-game heroes (NFTs), you not only conquer territories and level up but also open the door to selling them on various marketplaces outside the game.

The Future of BLOCKLORDS

With the advent of blockchain, games now rely on a user-driven economy.

This allows players to create and exchange items, enhancing the gaming experience by making it more dynamic and interactive.

Blockchain technology empowers players, giving them control over their virtual lives within games, making gaming more significant in their overall experiences.

BLOCKLORDS offers an engaging platform for both strategists and gamers to delve into game theory and strategy.

Players have diverse options, from ruling kingdoms to engaging in large-scale battles, building empires, forming alliances, and competing.

What makes BLOCKLORDS stand out is its appeal to both newcomers and experienced gamers.

Starting as farmers, players progress through knighthood, lordship, and eventually royalty, evolving their skills along the way.

This versatile strategy game aims to set a new standard for future titles, boasting unique features that developers hope will make it the go-to choice for gamers.

“Slay the Bear” Trailer for BLOCKLORDS

BLOCKLORDS has recently revealed its second much-anticipated trailer, titled “Slay the Bear.”

This cinematic trailer is the second in a trilogy, created in collaboration with Axis Studios. They’re a renowned animation studio known for its work on blockbuster game trailers like Diablo II: Resurrected, Halo Infinite, and Destiny 2.

Jon Yeo, a BAFTA-winning director from Axis Studios, premiered the “Slay the Bear” trailer on BLOCKLORDS’ official YouTube channel.

The trailer unfolds a thrilling story of a huntress chasing a rare albino moose, taking an unexpected turn with a sudden bear attack, turning the hunter into the hunted.

David Johansson, the founder of MetaKing Studios, emphasized the importance of crafting strong narratives within BLOCKLORDS, offering players a platform for immersive storytelling.

Jon Yeo, the director at Axis Studios, sees the “Slay the Bear” trailer as just the beginning, introducing players to the vast and captivating universe BLOCKLORDS has created.

He emphasized that the game allows players, regardless of their in-game roles, to make impactful decisions that shape the world they inhabit.

Furthermore, by utilizing blockchain technology, BLOCKLORDS provides players with tangible liquidity tied to the value they generate in-game, a crucial aspect of the Web3 concept.

Final Words

BLOCKLORDS is rolling out in phases, and the upcoming Phase 8 is scheduled for release in 2023.

These phases are designed to allow players to establish the lineage of their heroes and claim their legacy, even before the game’s core systems are fully released.

If you’re interested in getting involved, you can pre-register on their website.

During the early access period, signing up also entitles you to a free hero.

For a sneak peek at the game, you can check out the official trailer.

With an impressive 1.1 million views on its game trailer, BLOCKLORDS is generating excitement in the world of NFT gaming.

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